What does 'eTREC' mean, and why is the 'e' lowercase?


eTREC stands for "East Troy Robotics and Engineering Club", which is our full title, but is way to long to use for a team name, so we shortened it.  The inspiration for the lowercase 'e' came from the names of the Apple products, like 'iPhone,' which are some of our favorites.  It also came from just playing with the letters and seeing what sounded the best.  (We pronounce our name EE-trek.)

Why do you call your 2013-2014 competition robot 'Johnny 5'?


Some of our teammates had watched the movie Short Circut in which the line "Johnny Five is alive" is repeated a few times, and we used that as our robot's name after we got it moving for the first time.  Being our first year, that was a really big moment for us, seeing our first robot 'come alive' when we hooked it up to the computer and ran some of our code.

Why is your motto modeled after the Star Trek opening theme?


After we had picked our name, our head mentor misunderstood what we modeled it after (see FAQ 1) and thought that it was modeled after the name Star Trek.  He is a bit of a nerd, so he decided that we needed our motto to be a remake of the Star Trek one.  It just stuck, so now it is on our website, as well as our stickers.

The eTREC Motto:

Robotics: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the team eTREC

It's four year mission

To explore strange new materials

To seek out new teams and new alliances

To bodly go where no robotics team has gone before!




Why is your webiste built on a web design platform instead of coded?


Our web designer likes to use fancy desings and intricate interfaces, and they didn't know how to put in code what they had in thier head, so they used a website design website to acheive that specific look.


Frequently Asked Questions


If you were wondering anything about our team, your questions may be answered on this page.  If not, no worries!  Just shoot us an e-mail from our Contact Us page, and we will make sure to get an answer back to you.  Your question might even end up on this page!

How can I join the eTREC Robotics team?

We love having new members on our team!  If you are interested in joining, please email us at etrec.ftc@gmail.com, or use the form on the Contact Us page (under Team Info).  Anyone in grades 8-12 that attends East Troy High school, or another school in the area, or is homeschooled in the area is welcome to join the team.  Remember, there is no prior knowledge required if you want to be part of the team!



Why do you call your 2015-2016 competition robot 'Opey'?


The eTREC team has a tradition of naming all of their robots -the 'family' now includes Johnny 5, Borg, Minion, and Opey- at some point during the season.  Opey got his name earlier than most of the other robots, which resulted in the name itself.  During the planning stages of the 2015-16 season, the team was prototyping and discussing several different arms that would serve different functions on the bot.  One team member remarked that by the end of the build, the robot was going to look like an octopus, leading to the nickname "Octo," which quickly morphed into "Opey."  

eTREC Robotics, FTC Team #6977, based in East Troy, WI

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