Meet the Team


Hi my name is Kaylee Stern I am in 7th grade and this is my first year being in FTC. I joined FTC because my dad and sister are in it so I thought that I might like it. I was in robotics and I liked it a lot so I thought FTC would be fun. The part I liked the most was making the solutions for our problems and helping out with building I also helped a little bit with programming.  My hobbies are playing with animals playing with legos and doing art. When I grow up I would like to be a artist/art teacher or a doctor.


 Hi my name is Emily Stern. I am in 10th grade and am a sophomore at East Troy High School. I have been in FTC for two years and I joined because I wanted to learn more about how a robot worked, like moving an arm or wheel. Before FTC, I have only had the experience in robotics of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade robotics classes. My main job on the team is mechanical and I am a coach for the drive team. My hobbies include playing tennis and reading books. When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor or an engineer.


 My name is Gio Eldred I am in 8th grade. This is my first year in FTC. I wanted to join because I thought it would be fun to make a robot. I have taken robotics in school for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I am a mechanical person on the team. I like playing with legos, magic cards, going outside, watching anime and playing video games. I am not really sure what I want to be when I grow up

Mr. Griffin (Lead Mentor)

Hi my name is Mr. Griffin, and I am a Tinker & geek. I enjoy wood and metal working, building and designing µ-processor projects, 3D printing, gardening and cooking. I have degrees in Biology and Electronics, I am a member of the local computer club, the president of the Whitewater Makerspace. I am passionate about guiding and inspiring the latest generation to become producers, not simply consumers.


 Hi! My name is Nicholas Cleveland. I am in eighth grade at East Troy Middle School and new to the team. I joined eTREC Robotics because I wanted to learn more about the engineering process. I have had no experience in robotics before this. My main job on the team is mechanical and I am a driver. Fishing is something I love to do along with gaming and bug collecting. I would love to be a marine biologist or some type of engineer.

Dave (Mentor)

Hi, my name is Dave, and I am one of the mentors for the team.  I graduated from East Troy High School in 1985.  My qualifications include: Dental Tech United States Air Force 1985-1989, BS in computer science from UW Whitewater 1989-1994, masters in computing from Marquette 2011-2013.  I worked for 24 years in IT as a developer and support for business critical applications.  Currently, I work at CBRE. I have a wife and three daughters.  

eTREC Robotics, FTC Team #6977, based in East Troy, WI

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