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January 8, 2018

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The Engineering Design Process

September 14, 2013

This week, we learned the engineering design process, which is a sequential process by which an idea becomes a reality.  The steps are as follows.

1.  identify the problem or need

2. determine the criteria and constraints

3. brain storm possible solutions

4. select the best possible solution from your brain stroms

5. protoype the solutions you chose in step 4

6. consturct the proof of concept (a working model that proves that your idea does work) for your final deisgn

7. produce your final drawings, they should include exact measurements and have a scale

8. construct your final degsign

This is the process which we will be using to help us create our robot for this year's challenge!  To view the challenge, go to this page.

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eTREC Robotics, FTC Team #6977, based in East Troy, WI

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