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January 8, 2018

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Field Set-Up

October 26, 2013

We have set up our field, and our shop looks a lot different!  We have a lot less space to work, but we do have a nice area to run our robot on now, and we are working on getting our field elements built, painted, and intalled on the field too.  As a first year team, we had to build the perimeter walls, and then we had to trim the connectors off the edge floor tiles and plug them into the other side.  It was a good team-building excersise, and we had fun.  Our mentors also ordered us pizza afterwords, and we ate as a team (but NOT on the field!).  We decided to make our field a socks-only area so that it would stay cleaner and hopefull not get damaged, and we put some signs up so that no one will accidentially walk on it with shoes (some other people have access to our shop seeing as it is at our school).  Take a look at all of our pictures, and we are hoping to have our facebook page up-and-running soon!

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eTREC Robotics, FTC Team #6977, based in East Troy, WI

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