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January 8, 2018

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Then Came the Mini-Bot

March 17, 2014

We have Johnny 5, our 2014 competition robot, but we are done compeating for this year.  He is offically retired from tournaments.  What to do next?  Build a mini-bot for the FTC Mini-Bot challenge!  FTC has a mini-bot challenge, where you can build a 12"x12"x12" robot that does anything you want, and the make a 60 second or less video of it in action.  Click here for a link to more information.  We are going to do this this year for some extra building, programming, and fun.  So far, we have the sides compleated and the wheels attatched to the base.  We plan to add triangle flaps on the top that will open and close, as well as something inside that moves to add a bit of intrest (we aren't sure what this will be yet).  


We are quite proud of what we divised in the way of wheels for this mini-bot!  We have two standard wheels facing forward, each with a motor attatched in direct drive (seeing as we won't be driving it around any other robots, we didn't see the need for it to be geard as a protection mechanism) and there are two omin-wheels, one in front and one in back (which is hard to see in the photo) that are perpindicular to the other wheels.  That way, we can drive straight forward, and we can spin in a zero radius circle if we want to.  Though it may seem questionable, we have tested it out and it works just like it should!  It also makes for a really cool effect when you can't see the wheels.  


If any other teams out there are doing the mini-bot challenge and want to bounce ideas off one another, shoot us an e-mail, we would love to chat with you!

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