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Printers: A Great Solution to a Little Bordem

March 22, 2014

We have been getting a little bored now that the FTC season is over, so we decided that destroying something would be a great way to break up the monotony.  Our mentor brought us a color ink jet printer, and we spent a few hours removing every screw that we could get our screwdrivers on.  In less than a day, we had gone from an almost functional printer to a tray full of screws, some assorted plastic components, and a pile of metal sheets with various cut-outs for components that we had removed.  We enjoyed looking at how all of the things worked and went together, and we decided that the greatest shortfalling of the design was the inaccesibility of the  various components.  If we had built our robot like that printer was built, it would have taken us hours instead of minutes to change a motor or servo, or tighten a few loose bolts.  Next weekend, we are looking forward to taking apart the smaller assemblies that we took out of the printer as we disassembled it.

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