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January 8, 2018

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Field Trip to Molded Rubber and Plastic Co.

August 6, 2014

Today, Meghan, Ashely, Tim, and Pat went to Molded Rubber and Plastic Co. for a field trip.  They got to meet with some of MRPC's engineering staff, as well as the president of the company.  They showed the video of the challenge release, and demonstrated the robot, showing how each part compleated the challenge in one way or another.  After the demonstration and discussion about FTC, they went on a tour of MRPC's production facilites.  These included the two clean rooms where they use injection and heat set molding to make silicone medical peices, the room where they make the tips for the DaVinci robotic surgery, a room where they inject silicone into microswitches to make them waterproof, and the production line that they make spatulas with.  Jeff led the tour, telling them in detail how each step of the process was compleated, and how they used different applications of techonlogy to make parts that would otherwise have been impossible to make.  One example of this is the use of electrical current passing through a gas-filled chamber, which turns the gasses into a plasma, which in turn alters the surface of the hard plastic piece to allow it to be coated in silicone, a material which otherwise would not have bonded with it.  A big thank you to MRPC for a wonderfuly entertaining and informative tour!

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