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August 9, 2015

Today we got to go to the GE Healthcare building and share our robots and knowledge with several groups of boy scouts.  We had Borg, our 2014-15 competition robot on display.  The scouts got to see demonstrations of how it worked and ask questions about the design, the...

May 31, 2015

If you want to get in on all the awsomeness that you see on our website, you can!  We are now accepting new members, anybody who goes to a school in the East Troy Area and is in grades 8-12.  Just take this survey to let us know that you are interested: http:...

January 30, 2015

Our team wanted a new way to stratigize our moves on the plying field during tele-op and end game, so this is what we came up with- Cascade Effect: The Borg Game.  It is a 1:10 scale playing field, with all of the field elements, also 1:10 scale.  We 3D printed all of...

January 28, 2015

Our team participated in the Madison qualifier on Sunday, January 25.  Our overall ranking was 14th out of 20 teams.  We all had an amazing time, and enjoyed meeting new people and connecting with the other teams that were there.  For Joey and Tim, this was their first...

November 17, 2014

FIRST released an updated video of the 2014-2015 Cascade Effect challenge video with some corrections and clarifications.  We have put it on our 2014-2015 Challenge page, as well as in this post.  Hope this helps you out!


November 3, 2014

We recently got to take a field trip to the Scot Industries R&D plant in Pewaukee, where we met with their engineers and got to show them our design for our Cascade Effect robot.  They gave us some good advice on what materials to use for our main assembly, and what ty...

October 2, 2014

We took a field trip to Gearbox, a facility that rebuilds and reparis the gearboxes found in large wind turbines, in Mukwonago.  They gave us a tour of their shop and told us about the process of unloading, dissassembling, cleaning, rebuilding, and testing the gearboxe...

September 18, 2014


This year's challenge is called Cascade Effect, and the goal of it is to score plastic balls of two different sized into tubes ranging from 30 to 90 cm in height.  They are also on rolling bases, which adds to the challenge.  You can get extra points by moving the goa...

August 6, 2014

Today, Meghan, Ashely, Tim, and Pat went to Molded Rubber and Plastic Co. for a field trip.  They got to meet with some of MRPC's engineering staff, as well as the president of the company.  They showed the video of the challenge release, and demonstrated the robot, sh...

August 3, 2014

Tim and Meghan went to the Maker Faire in Detorit, MI.  There, there were a lot of people who do different kinds of engineering, 3D printing, electronics, and programming.  There were six person bicycles that you could ride, a life-sized mouse trap games that you could...

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